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Test has shown how the Car Crash Detection feature on iPhone 14 really works!

Image : TechCrunch

Early this month, the iPhone 14 introduced a significant new feature called Car Crash Detection that was never seen on any other smartphone. Recently,a YouTube user has made the decision to demonstrate how accurately this function will work by simulating a real car accident, and then shared the outcome of his experiment with the general public on his channel.

The results of the test were positive in terms of how the iPhone 14 Pro has the capability to detect crashes and make emergency calls. In addition to that, he demonstrated how the iPhone operated at the precise moment of the collision when the actual collision took place.

In the video, an old Mercury sedan has been installed with a remote accelerator control system and an iPhone 14 Pro was attached to the headrest. Further, they have placed several abandoned vehicles in the car’s path.

After the Mercury sedan hit over car carcasses, it becomes apparent that the system has functioned properly. However, it should be noted that the system does not function immediately after an accident, but rather within a few seconds. After a few seconds, the phone activated the siren, and a dialogue box appeared on the screen for contacting emergency services to request assistance. The dialogue can end in 10 seconds if the driver and passengers are in a real accident. 

As a result in both tests, the iPhone 14 Pro performed exceptionally well. After detecting the collision a few seconds later, the iPhone waited a few seconds before asking the user if they needed emergency assistance. After waiting for a response, the smartphone began a 10-second countdown. When the timer ran out, the emergency call function activated.

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