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Three Is The Magic Number: Meet The Third Generation Of OPPO Foldables

The number three is meaningful in many aspects of life. In art and design, the three primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) create other colors. This trio is the foundation of color theory. Similarly, in fields like photography, design, and aesthetics, the “rule of thirds” improves composition, making it more attractive. Throughout history, the number ‘three’ has symbolized balance, harmony, and completeness.

The third-generation OPPO Foldable, teased in the upcoming Find N3 Flip, follows this rule of three. This innovative foldable device, launching soon in the Malaysian market, shows OPPO’s commitment to breaking boundaries and redefining the foldable smartphone experience.

The upcoming Find N3 Flip offers the best photography experience in a foldable smartphone. It has three amazing cameras, each taking professional-quality photos. This device introduces a telephoto camera, leading triple cameras, and large camera sensors, making it the first flip phone with these features.

Imagine being in the city at dusk. The Find N3 Flip’s main camera captures the cityscape with amazing clarity and depth, even in low light, producing magical night shots without noise. No more grainy and dull night photos.

When you explore the great outdoors, the ultra-wide camera on the Find N3 Flip lets you see the world from a new angle, capturing magnificent landscapes. The autofocus feature captures fine details, like the patterns on a flower petal, in stunning detail. For portrait photography, the Find N3 Flip acts like a professional photographer, capturing emotions and expressions realistically. It brings your subjects to life, creating intimate and memorable moments.

The previous generation, OPPO Find N2 Flip, introduced the largest cover screen in a flip phone, offering useful features and enhancing the camera system’s versatility. OPPO’s philosophy that “Vertical is Better” remains unchanged, and the Find N3 Flip’s vertical cover screen allows for better framing of shots, ensuring both subject and background are visible. It provides a natural and intuitive interaction, displaying information.

The device also includes interactive 3D pets that bring joy through animations, accessible with a tap on the cover screen.

In the world of foldable smartphones, achieving a creaseless display has been a challenge. OPPO’s pursuit of perfection has led to a shallower, narrower, and less noticeable crease in the Find N3 Flip compared to competitors.

When you touch the Find N3 Flip’s screen, you’ll experience a smooth surface, resembling glass. This is achieved through innovative technology integration, ensuring the crease is less visible when reading, browsing, or watching content.

OPPO’s Find N3 Flip combines three remarkable innovations in smartphone technology, emphasizing creativity, ingenuity, and perfection. It represents a new era in technology that follows the belief that great things come in threes.

Stay tuned for more information about OPPO’s next-generation foldable smartphone at the global launch.