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realme CEO Sky Li’s Open Letter for 5th Anniversary

Realme’s CEO Sky Li announced the “Leap-Forward Climbing Plan” and the “Leap Up 5th Anniversary Launch Event” for the upcoming fifth-anniversary celebration in an open letter. The letter shows how realme has become more popular among global consumers, ranking 29 places higher on the Kantar BrandZ list of Top 50 Chinese Global Brand Builders.

How the “Dare to Leap” spirit led realme to the global mainstream

Realme started as a new and ambitious smartphone brand in a fierce market five years ago. After achieving many milestones, realme faces a tougher market situation. Li says that realme will aim higher and try harder in the next five years, leaving behind past glory.

Realme exceeded expectations by entering the smartphone OEM industry as a challenger five years ago. Realme beat the odds and became a mainstream player in a highly competitive and crowded field. In just three years, realme became the world’s youngest mainstream smartphone brand, ranking in the top five in 30 regions worldwide.

Realme had remarkable growth with its “light assets, short channel modes, and e-commerce prioritization” strategy in the past five years. The company ranked 7th in the world smartphone market two years after its launch and was named the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand for four quarters in a row (Counterpoint). Realme seized the opportunities of the global 5G upgrade cycle and became a “5G popularizer” by launching various popular 5G products globally. The strategy worked, and realme became the fastest global brand to reach $50 million sales in Q3 2020 (Counterpoint). Realme achieved another record in 2021 when it became the fastest brand to reach US$100 million sales (Strategy Analytics) and entered the top six global brands (Counterpoint Report). The brand accomplished what many thought was impossible.

Realme’s success is driven by its “Dare to Leap” brand spirit. Its young leadership team, with an average age of 30, has a unique insight into realme’s young customers. They constantly develop products with innovative performance and design, keeping up with consumer needs and market changes. Realme has been able to “leapfrog” its competitors in its industry. The company keeps surpassing its own expectations and doing the impossible.

Striving for higher standards and greater successes in the next five years

Realme stands out for its rapid growth. However, growth has become more difficult due to the industry’s increasing challenges. The brand never backs down from a challenge and adapts quickly to find new ways to move forward. The company continues to use the “long-term growth” strategy it announced last year, along with its “Simply Better” and “Market Cultivation” strategies, to synchronize its global product line.

On its fifth anniversary, realme remains committed to its original goal, putting people first and increasing R&D investment in six key areas: display, imaging, gaming, charging, chipset, and craftsmanship. Sky Li said in his open letter that realme will have a beginner’s mindset, forgetting previous achievements, learning from experiences, facing new challenges, aiming for the next impossible goal and starting another five years of continuous elevation.

Realme will face challenges in the next five years, but it will get closer to its goal by making products that exceed expectations. Realme follows the “Dare to Leap” spirit, facing difficulties, moving forward, and reaching new heights.

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