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Qualcomm-powered REDMAGIC Cyberbuds Now in Malaysia

REDMAGIC, a renowned gaming brand recognized for its professional gaming smartphones, is now unveiling the new REDMAGIC Cyberbuds DAO TWS, targeting global markets. These wireless earbuds boast a cutting-edge design with RGB effects, offering both comfort and durability. They harness the power of Qualcomm’s Bluetooth 5.3 technology and the Qualcomm S5 chipset, delivering an impressively low latency of just 28ms when used with the dongle. They are compatible with a range of devices, including PCs, PS4, PS5, Switch, and Android smartphones, giving gamers a wide array of options.

Users have the freedom to personalize the RGB lighting effects and sound modes, elevating their gaming experience. The earbuds, along with their charging case, sport a transparent design with captivating RGB lighting and a futuristic aesthetic. Users can conveniently manage various functions through the “Goper” app, allowing adjustments to settings such as codec format, audio EQ modes, game modes, lighting effects, and seamless pop-up window pairing.

These earbuds have earned a prestigious high-resolution wireless gold standard certification from the Japan Audio Society. Featuring an 11mm composite biological diaphragm and impressive active noise reduction of up to 48dB, they deliver top-notch audio quality and transmission. Users can choose between adaptive and manual noise reduction modes to suit their preferences.

Tailored EQ modes for different gaming scenarios are accessible through the Goper app, optimizing audio output for gaming or music. This empowers users to fine-tune their sound experience according to their preferences.

With a low-latency mode that can be activated using the dongle, these earbuds achieve an exceptionally low latency of 28ms, perfect for gamers seeking rapid audio feedback. They can be connected to a PC or gaming console via a USB-A/Type-C interface or a headphone cockpit, providing a wired headphone-like experience. Even without the dongle, the latency remains impressively low at 39ms.

These earbuds feature a sleek and futuristic design that harmonizes with other REDMAGIC products like the 8S Pro smartphone, 4K gaming monitor, mechanical keyboard, and gaming mouse. Combining comfort, durability, and high performance, they are an attractive choice for consumers.

The Cyberbuds DAO TWS earbuds incorporate a stainless steel middle frame with a laser-engraved surface pattern. Their transparent silver appearance, complete with a side-sliding cover design and RGB lighting effects, exudes charm and style.

Furthermore, the Cyberbuds DAO TWS boast a high-resolution wireless gold standard certification for exceptional sound quality. They also integrate cVc three-mic call noise reduction technology, enhancing voice clarity and minimizing background noise, particularly during intense gaming sessions.

In summary, the Cyberbuds DAO TWS by REDMAGIC are premium earbuds characterized by their futuristic style and portability. Equipped with Qualcomm technology and customizable features, they offer an immersive gaming experience with rich, detailed sound, making them the ultimate choice for gaming and entertainment enthusiasts.