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Go Limitless with Infinix GT 10 PRO

For mobile gamers who desire the highest performance when playing MLBB, Free Fire, and PUBG, the Infinix GT 10 PRO is one of the best smartphone. The incredible features and technology in this device will alter the way you enjoy mobile gaming. Check out the capabilities of this gaming beast and learn how to participate in the exciting GT 10 PRO Championship in Malaysia.

Feel the Speed with Octa-Core Processor

With its potent Dimensity octa-core processor, the GT 10 PRO offers you a balanced and fluid performance. It has a super core running at 3 GHz, three 2.6 GHz cores, and four 2 GHz cores, all of which are capable of handling complex calculations and graphics with ease. It is powered by Pure XOS and the most recent version of Android 13, which provides quick reactions, seamless multitasking, and an easy-to-use interface.

See the Beauty with Mali-G77 Graphics

The magnificent Mali-G77 graphics processor, a first-generation GPU built on the Mali ‘Valhall’ architecture, is found in the GT 10 PRO. It collaborates with the Dimensity 8050 CPU to produce precise and fluid images while playing games. Astonishing visual puzzles can be solved while you explore immersive worlds, engage in epic battles, and solve them.

Feel the Action with 4D Vibration and Gyroscope

The GT 10 PRO boasts an all-sensory game engine that uses 4D vibration technology to let you feel every second of your game. Through your fingers, you may experience the rush of adrenaline and the explosions. Additionally, it includes a high-precision gyroscope that enhances control and accuracy in games of racing and first-person shooting.

Hear the Sound with Dual Stereo Speakers

With its two stereo speakers, the GT 10 PRO surrounds you in your gaming environment with clear, lifelike audio. You may elevate your gaming experience to the next level by hearing every sound detail, from opponent footsteps to game music.

Play with Comfort with Eye Protection Features

Your ticket to gaming heaven is the GT 10 PRO, which combines fluid gameplay with eye safety features. With its brilliant 120Hz refresh rate, your games will look smooth and lifelike. Additionally, it offers a 360Hz touch sampling rate, which is incredibly responsive and recognizes every touch and swipe instantly, giving you an advantage in games that move quickly. You can play for hours without experiencing eye strain or discomfort because it also supports 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming and low blue light solutions that are TUV certified.

Learn more about the GT 10 PRO’s impressive features, or visit any DirectD outlets for the best deal on this model.