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Xiaomi 14 Series Stepping into Malaysia with Next-Generation Leica Optics, Futuristic Operating System

Xiaomi has marked a significant milestone as the brand has announced the release of its flagship smartphones, Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Ultra. The Xiaomi 14 series will be available in Malaysia starting March 8, with a base price of RM 3,499.

The Xiaomi 14 Series incorporates Leica Summilux optics, showcasing advanced optical concepts and designs, establishing Xiaomi as a global leader in mobile imaging innovation.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra: The ultimate combo of pro camera, blazing speed, and stunning design

Taking inspiration from classic camera aesthetics, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra features a unique circular camera module with a sleek flat back design. It is offered in two timeless colors, Black and White, in Malaysia.

Engineered around the Xiaomi Guardian Structure, its components include a high-strength aluminum frame, Xiaomi nano-tech vegan leather, and Xiaomi Shield Glass.

Meticulously carved from a single block of aluminum, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra boasts an impressive 1.38 times enhanced frame strength. Additionally, the Xiaomi nano-tech vegan leather now features a newly formulated composition, resulting in a thinner and lighter finish that is 6 times more resistant to wear.

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra features an All Around Liquid Display that achieves consistent curvature on all sides and corners, seamlessly blending the visual appeal of a flat screen with the tactile feedback of a curved edge, thanks to Xiaomi Shield Glass.

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra boasts a top-of-the-line quad-camera system with Leica lenses. The main camera offers a unique variable aperture for perfect exposure control, and a massive 1-inch sensor with exceptional dynamic range for stunning photos even in difficult lighting. The other cameras include a telephoto lens for close-up shots, a periscope lens for even further zoom, and an ultra-wide lens for capturing expansive scenes.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra is a videographer’s dream. It can shoot 8K video on all four cameras, with incredible detail thanks to Leica optics and 50MP sensors. It also supports various high frame rate and resolution options for slow-motion and smooth zooming. 

The new Movie mode presents cinematic practice as the MasterCinema encodes HDR videos in 10-bit Rec.2020, capturing richer details, brighter highlights, and deeper shadows. This surpasses the previous 8-bit BT.709 standard, particularly on HDR screens.

Designed for photography and videography enthusiasts, the Photography Kit includes shutter button, zoom lever, video recording button, and custom dial. It could also double as an external charging battery bank providing 1500mAh of battery life (purchase separately). 

Xiaomi 14: Small in Size, Superior Imagery, with Exceptional Experience

Having a dimension of 152.8mm x 71.5mm x 8.20mm, the Xiaomi 14 is designed as a compact daily companion. The ultra-thin bezel design with a 1.71mm bottom bezel will provide an immersive viewing experience. 

The Xiaomi 14 boasts a versatile triple-camera system with Leica lenses, offering exceptional photo quality from wide-angle (14mm) to telephoto (75mm) shots. The main camera features a larger f/1.6 aperture and a high-resolution sensor for great low-light performance. The ultra-wide camera is also upgraded to 50MP, capturing stunning landscapes. Additionally, the telephoto lens allows close-up shots at just 10cm.

The phone’s 6.36-inch AMOLED display delivers sharp visuals with a high resolution and vibrant colors. It gets super bright at 3000 nits, making it perfect for outdoor use. The refresh rate intelligently adjusts between 1 and 120Hz, ensuring a smooth experience for everything you do, from reading to gaming.

Cutting-edge hardware unleashing maximum performance 

The Xiaomi 14 series packs a punch with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, delivering significant improvements in both performance and battery efficiency. This translates to a faster, smoother experience for everything you do, from gaming to everyday tasks. Both phones also benefit from Xiaomi’s IceLoop cooling system, ensuring optimal performance even under heavy use.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra takes things a step further with features designed for power users. It boasts the innovative Dual-Channel IceLoop cooling system, specifically addressing heat buildup during demanding camera operations. Additionally, the larger 5000mAh battery and cutting-edge 80W wireless HyperCharge technology make it ideal for users who need their phone to last all day long.

Exploring the smart ecosystem’s future with Xiaomi HyperOS

The Xiaomi 14 Series runs on the brand new Xiaomi HyperOS, built with user experience in mind. This OS focuses on four key areas: smoother performance, seamless connectivity across devices, proactive intelligence, and robust security. You’ll enjoy a faster phone with improved memory management and a beautiful interface. Plus, Xiaomi HyperOS connects your phone to other smart devices in your home for a truly connected experience. Security is also a priority, with features to keep your data safe.

Xiaomi HyperOS leverages cutting-edge AI to make your life easier. For example, AI Subtitles can transcribe video calls in real-time, AI Album Search helps you find photos with natural language descriptions, and AI Portraits creates unique compositions from your existing photos. AI Expansion even lets you realistically extend the content of your images. On top of that, Xiaomi HyperMind learns your habits and anticipates your needs. Imagine turning on the lights as you unlock the door – HyperMind can do that (with your permission, of course).

With all these upgrades brought by Xiaomi to its Xiaomi 14 Series, it is time to get your hands on them at DirectD! 

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Xiaomi 14(12GB+512GB)RM 3,799Free Xiaomi Watch S3 (worth RM 699)+Google One 6 months, 100GB cloud storage plan (worth RM 50.94)+1+1 Year Extended Warranty (worth RM 599)+1 Free Screen Replacement within 6 monthsupon purchase(worth RM299)Free Xiaomi 14 Gift Box(worth RM 399)+Google One 6 months, 100GB cloud storage plan (worth RM 50.94)+1+1 Year Extended Warranty (worth RM 599)+1 Free Screen Replacement within 6 monthsupon purchase(worth RM299)
Xiaomi 14(12GB+256GB)RM 3,499
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