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Twitter is posting an edited tweet to test out its Edit Tweet stamp.

Users have been waiting for more than a decade to be able to edit their tweets after they have posted them, and Twitter has finally announced that it will soon roll out the highly requested features that will enable users to edit their tweets. The social media platform has just published its first edited tweet, which may signify that the long-awaited feature is getting closer to being made available to users.

Even though Twitter has not yet provided a specific release date for the edit button, the recently published tweet on the official Twitter Blue account that has been edited provides us with some insight into how the feature would operate.

Referring to the post tweet, a tweet that has been edited will show the time and date that it was “Last Edited” at the bottom of the post, as demonstrated in the test tweet that was just presented. Users can click on this to view the complete edit history of the tweet, which includes all of the tweet’s earlier versions.

Furthermore, it is not yet clear how many edits the new feature will permit or the extent to which it will track the changes made to previous versions, as well as whether or not users will be able to conceal or remove the edit history of their tweets.

Nonetheless, when the edit button is finally released to the public, Twitter Blue users will be the first to have access to it. Twitter Blue is a monthly subscription service that grants users the highest engagement levels on Twitter, whereby users can access premium features that are only available to premium accounts. At the moment, the service is only offered in a select number of countries. Therefore, unfortunately, the “edit tweet” button won’t be readily available to all users who want it when it first goes live.

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