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Google presents new useful Search features at the annual Search On event.

Image : Google

Google recently held its annual Search On event, where it highlighted some exciting new additions coming to the Google search engine in the near future. In light of this, the following is a concise summary of a few features that are particularly important for you to know.

Improved visual search results 

Soon, Google will provide a better visual experience to users, thereby allowing them to obtain more relevant and useful results from their searches. For example, when users search for topics such as restaurants, short videos or stories from people who have visited the restaurant will appear. What makes it more interesting is that search tools will also direct users to explore the city and activities they can participate in, as well as facilitate travel planning.

However, these features will only be available in the United States within the next few months, and Google has not yet provided any indication of a global rollout.

Search experience improved to answer user questions more seamlessly

Users will have the opportunity to experience new ways of using Google Search. When typing a query into the search box, users will discover new ways to use Google Search by having options for keywords or topics. Google’s goal is to “better reflect how people naturally explore information” by simplifying the question-and-answer process. In this particular instance, if you wish to find any specific spot in Mexico, Search will automatically specify the question for you by giving options such as “best cities in Mexico to visit.” Users will be able to find more relevant results for any subject with the help of this feature.

Apart from that, Google will assist users in finding topics that are more pertinent to them by displaying related subjects. This will allow users to find things that they might not have thought of when generating their query by adding or removing topics in order to “go deeper or find a new direction on a subject.” As of right now, Google intends to roll out only in English for the United States within the next few months.

Shortcuts for new Search 

Users will soon have access to handy shortcuts right underneath the search bar. These shortcuts will show you “shop your screenshots,” “translate with your camera,” “hum to search,” and other options with just one tap of the screen. This Google app feature will be made available in English for iOS devices in the United States and will soon eventually make its way to Android users as well.

Last but not least, Google is also redesigning the way it shows search results to better reflect users’ habits of discovery. In the coming months, users will begin to see more relevant content from a wider variety of sources and in more formats in search results. In essence, images and videos that are relevant to a query will appear alongside the text results.

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