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Oppo will no longer include chargers in the box for the next 12 months.

Many smartphone manufacturers have ceased including charging adapters with their devices in recent years. Apple is likely most known for being one of the pioneers of this movement, which was quickly adopted by others. Although Oppo resisted for a long time, the company has recently acknowledged that it will remove the charger from the packaging of selected products within the next 12 months.

Billy Zhang, Vice President of Overseas Sales and Services for Oppo, disclosed in a group interview with Android Police that the firm will remove the charger from the packaging of some of its products. “Within the next year, we will remove the charger from the packaging of a number of products. Zhang stated in the interview and emphasised, “We have a plan.”

Zhang reportedly declined to specify which smartphones would receive the charger being removed from the package, but additional remarks Zhang made imply that Oppo may be adopting a strategic approach to its decision, with some regions receiving it and others not.

Zhang asserts, “We have to put it in the box since SuperVOOC chargers are hard for consumers to find and purchase elsewhere. However, when our business grows, we plan to remove chargers from their packaging and sell them in our store so that our customers can purchase them and use them even after upgrading their devices.

Oppo does have unique charging technology that isn’t accessible anywhere else, so if you don’t already have an 80W SuperVOOC compatible charger, you’ll have to go out and get one to get the most of the company’s latest devices. Zhang could not clarify Oppo’s motive for removing chargers from its products, but it is most likely an effort to reduce e-waste, as many other smartphone manufacturers have stated.

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