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Open Beta of OxygenOS 13 for the OnePlus 10 Pro is now available for download

Along with the release of the OnePlus 10T earlier this month, OnePlus unveiled the newest version of its own user interface, OxygenOS 13. The OnePlus 10 Pro would be the first device to receive an open beta of the OS, and the 10T would follow later. The first Open Beta of OxygenOS 13 for the OnePlus 10 Pro smartphone is now available, according to a post on the OnePlus Community. Here are a few intriguing updates you might expect in the new OS.

According to OnePlus, Oxygen OS 13 features a “aquamorphic design.” As per the statement, the design language is intended to be “soothing, natural, and adaptable” and is inspired by water. The Oxygen OS 13 will be brighter in the morning and “intelligently transition” to a darker aesthetic in the evening as an illustration of this “soothing” approach on Android. 

The new Android release, Oxygen OS 13, includes several significant adjustments and improvements in addition to distinct aesthetics. The significant update in Oxygen OS 13 is probably the ability to enlarge folders on your home screen and open apps inside of them without first opening the folder.

Another interesting feature of the new update is that it adds more contextual information to your always-on display (AOD) and gives you more ways to customize your AOD. This is definitely influenced by Apple’s move to a screen that is always on and has more functions and widgets. Oxygen OS 13 also adds a sidebar toolbox to make it easier to use with one hand and get to apps quickly.

Color OS 13 also includes several audio-related enhancements, including support for Google’s Audio Switch technology, Fast Pair integration, and Spatial Audio/Dolby Atmos support. Spatial Audio requires certain hardware support in order to function. Other noteworthy upgrades include App Streaming, Nearby Share support, Privacy Safe 2.0 (an improved file safe), and an AI system booster. With the latter, you may project content onto a Chromebook’s display. 

OnePlus warns that this beta release may contain errors and that some third-party apps might not function properly. To help the software development team fix any significant flaws before the final release, you can share your thoughts on the program and report further bugs via the Community App. Additionally, it is advised to create a complete system backup before moving on because, even though the update does not erase your phone, anything can still go wrong.

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