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Nothing Phone (1) Get New Software Update, OS 2.0

As promised, Nothing, the consumer technology brand from London, began delivering OS 2.0 to Phone (1) users. The new software offers more features, better customization, and enhanced performance. It signifies a new era for Nothing’s debut smartphone and a dedication to user experience on previous generation models.

Phone (2) users have been able to use Nothing OS 2.0 since it was released last month, but today is the first time Phone (1) users can also enjoy the software that focuses on ‘mindful consumption’. The Nothing blog has a complete list of OS 2.0 features.

Nothing improved the camera performance of Phone (2) users with Nothing OS 2.0.2a last week. This update emphasized HDR quality, low light situations and face clarity. This is another software improvement since the launch of Phone (2) in July.