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Infinix Note 30: Bypass Charging For Ultimate Gaming

Playing popular games like “Mobile Legend: Bang Bang (MLBB)” with friends is a fun way to relax and de-stress for avid mobile gamers. But a common problem is when their phones need to be charged while gaming, which can cause overheating issues with normal phone batteries and affect the gaming performance. The Infinix NOTE 30 solves this problem with its bypass charging feature, which lets gamers charge without overheating. With the NOTE 30, gamers can enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted gaming session.

The Infinix NOTE 30 has a remarkable 45W wired fast charging feature that gives 1.95 hours of gaming battery life in just 5 minutes of charging. It can also fill up the 5000mAh battery to 75% in only 30 minutes. A unique feature of the phone is its bypass charging technology, which lets the motherboard run directly on the charger while gaming and charging. This makes charging and use safer, and also preserves the battery life and quality.

Technically, the NOTE 30 has a smart feature called bypass charging. When the battery level is close to or above the bypass charging threshold, which is set at 30% by default, the charging current goes directly to the motherboard instead of the battery.

This feature prevents overheating problems that often happen when charging and gaming at the same time. According to Infinix Lab tests, bypass charging lowered the NOTE 30’s temperature by 2–7°C compared to normal charging methods. This improves user comfort, especially for long gaming sessions or in hot weather.

The X-Arena gaming area interface lets users easily enable bypass charging. Users can slide out the sidebar from either side of the screen and select bypass charge.

Infinix is committed to giving customers more freedom and the latest technology. The bypass charging threshold in the X-Arena settings can be adjusted by players to 20%, 30%, or 40%. This allows users to choose when the current input will bypass the battery and power the motherboard directly, depending on their preferred battery level.

The NOTE 30 series has the XArena gaming program for a great gaming experience. It uses the Dar-Link 2.0 engine to smartly boost the CPU and GPU speeds of the Helio G99 chipset, ensuring smooth gameplay and amazing graphics in any game. XArena also offers useful tools like call and message blocking, and Respawn Countdown, which tells players when they will respawn in the game so they can plan their tasks. The NOTE 30 Pro also enhances gaming with its VC liquid cooling, JBL audio, and 120Hz screen, giving gamers the best audio, touch, and visual experiences.

The Infinix NOTE 30 is a gamer’s best friend in the hot summer, as it lets them play without overheating. Have fun gaming with your friends all day and enjoy the excitement of interactive gaming all summer!