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Google introduced ‘Result about you’ tools to help you remove personal data from search more easily.

Image : 9to5Google

The “Results about you” features that will be added to the Google app were announced by the company at the Google I/O conference earlier this year. Google is working on a feature that will assist users in simplifying the process of removing search results that contain personally identifying information. This feature is currently being rolled out to some users and is expected to reach all users in the near future.

Google has previously created a method to assist in the removal of search results, such as deleting your home address, email address, or phone number, as well as a variety of other potentially dangerous or damaging information. However, the system was not the easiest to access and use. After discovering a search result that linked to your sensitive information, you had to visit a support page and submit a form with the URL you wanted to be removed from the search result. 

Nonetheless, with the new tool, if you find a search result that links to a page containing your information, you will be able to make a request directly from the search page by tapping the three-dot button next to it to access the “About this result” panel, which will include a “Remove result” option. You can then make a request to have that result taken down.

Furthermore, by tapping your profile picture in the Google app, you can also access the “Results about you” screen, where you can track the information removal requests you’ve submitted and see their status. From this screen, you can also launch a new request for the removal of other types of search results, such as those that contain out-of-date or illegal information. According to Google’s support documentation, this process only deindexes those web pages from its search results; anyone could still access that information if they went directly to the site where it’s posted.

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