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Telegram premium users now have access to custom emoji packs.

The instant messaging application Telegram, which already places a significant emphasis on the use of emoji, apparently with its most recent set of feature improvements and latest update, it will bring significant change to the way you use emojis in your responses. These adjustments will completely reimagine how you make use of them, but a number of them will come at an additional charge.

With that being said, Telegram Premium users will soon be able to send up to 500 emojis from the app’s 10 brand-new custom packs. More notably, anyone can contribute their own custom emoji packs, whether they’re moving or static.

Nevertheless, developers must use in .webm or Telegram’s exclusive .tgs format to make emoji packs. The comprehensive formatting guide is available for those who are interested in further information. As soon as you begin typing, the sticker button will transform into an emoji button, which, when clicked, will bring up the updated emoji panel. The animated emojis are accessible to all users, whether or not they have a premium account. Even free users are not restricted in any way when it comes to using the custom emojis.

Furthermore, the official blog mentions a fresh collection of interactive emoji animations where users can tap these interactive emojis to play synchronized full-screen effects. Moreover, Telegram is introducing enhanced privacy options for audio messages. There will be a new setting for premium users that will allow them to limit who can send them voice or video chats whereby they will be given selections such as Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody.

Finally, Telegram also provides its users with an alternative for sending gifts to one another. You can ask a friend or family member to gift you a subscription to Telegram Premium if its features have piqued your interest, or you can purchase a subscription to Telegram Premium for 3, 6, or 12 months and give it as a present to friends or family at a discount. You can subscribe to Telegram Premium or give it as a gift to another user by going to their profile and selecting the Gift Premium option. Alternatively, you can use bots like @PremiumBot to subscribe to Telegram Premium or give it as a gift. 

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