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realme offers ultra-large 512GB storage in its upcoming realme 11 Pro+

Bid Goodbye to ‘Storage is Full’ Notification. It’s always better to have unused space than not enough space.

The upcoming realme 11 Pro+ 5G is set to have storage as big as 512GB as updated by realme Malaysia today. This is surely a great news and a relief to all the potential owners since this smartphone is coming with 200 megapixels main camera that surely will take lots of storage space. By having such storage, its user can say goodbye to ‘storage is full’ notification as it can approximately stores 2,000 episodes of their favourite dramas, or 130,000 songs, or 130,000 photos in their phone.

Another advantage of having lots of available storage is, users can utilise the device dynamic RAM feature that allows for up to 12GB expansion options without having to worry of compromising space for storage. By enabling this feature, realme 11 Pro+ can get up to 24GB dynamic RAM (12GB physical + 12GB expansion), which in theory the larger the RAM, the faster it is, even in opening 12 apps at the same time, freely switching multiple applications, loading various browser pages, greater power saving and more can be easily done.

realme is set to unveil the realme 11 Pro series this Thursday, July 20th at 8PM. Pre-order will begin shortly after at any DirectD outlets or Official Online Store. Stay tuned for more info on this two devices which surely are among the most awaited devices in this price segment.