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iPhone will soon be able to identify whether you used fake AirPods.

Some vendors sell imitation AirPods at lower prices while still providing the customer with great sound quality experience. Surprisingly, the fake AirPods can deliver a comparable experience when connected to the iPhones.

When iOS 16 is released, it will soon be able to identify users who have been using counterfeit AirPods by sending them a notification warning them that the devices “could not be confirmed as genuine AirPods and may not function as intended.”

In practice, this will most likely occur when users attempt to connect the device with an iPhone, and then the option to unpair the device will display, along with a “Learn More” option, which will direct users to the Apple Help website page.

However, it is crucial to note, that if you purchased third-party wireless earphones, you will not be affected, and only devices that mimic Apple products would fall into this category. Apple has taken this step to improve device security, and it is one of iOS16’s new features, in addition to providing more personalization options for your iPhones.  

Although the price of AirPods is certainly high for some customers, there are other solutions for more affordable wireless earbuds with decent sound quality available from other brands that users can purchase.

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