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‘Instagrammable’ vivo V27e Aura Portrait Smartphone Coming This 1st March

Be hyped because the “Instagrammable” Aura Portrait smartphone, the vivo V27e, will debut on March 1st, 2023! The vivo V27e plays up to its tagline, “Aura Portrait, For Picture-perfect Night,” thanks to its 64MP OIS Ultra- Sensing camera, 2MP bokeh and 2MP macro camera, and 32MP selfie camera.

The Vivo V27e, the first device in the V series to employ the circular Aura Light, enables users to take beautiful night portraits even in low lighting. As the ring light is now accessible with the touch of a button, the Aura Light is a fantastic feature to have in particular for aspiring content creators. In order to create a studio-like environment, the Aura Light will automatically alter its brightness level and provide a gentle light rather than a sharp flash.

Lavender Purple and Glory Black are the two trendy, instagrammable colours available for the vivo V27e. Vivo creates a flowing feather pattern coating on the purple surface of the phone’s back using the nano-scale photo etching method to create a distinctive aesthetic style. The sparkling and glittering pattern closely resembles a lavender plant in bloom in a garden.

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