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[ENG] Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra goes official! (also mean the Galaxy Note is officially dead?)

After weeks of rumours and leaked news everywhere on the internet, Samsung has finally announced its first flagship of 2022, Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra. And to our surprise, there is nothing surprise about the announcement, since all the leaked info are 99.99% correct.

The leakers have been correct in everything actually, from the design, to the internal specs, and the most importantly to the one feature that many Samsung fans out there, in particular Galaxy Note series fans are waiting, the inclusion of S-Pen that actually fits inside Galaxy S22 Ultra body just the way Galaxy Note does.

Looking at the rear camera design, Galaxy S22 Ultra is actually disparate enough from the other two in the series. This is interesting because previously the Ultra variants were not as distinctive as this time. Well at least not in terms of looks.

So one thing comes into our mind. Is this actually a last minute change of direction by Samsung? Does this Galaxy S22 Ultra is actually a Galaxy Note that is supposed to launch last year together with Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3? We’re not sure but it might be the case, at least for the design. Samsung might scrap the idea of having Galaxy Note and keep the design for this year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra. For us, whatever happens behind the scene, it’s just a proof that Galaxy Note series is officially a history. Some might say it’s a brave move by Samsung considering Galaxy Note has always been their hero and best selling models for every single year since it’s first model back in 2012. But for us, it’s a good opportunity that Samsung itself can’t turn down. The death of Galaxy Note means finally after so long since the first generation of Galaxy S, Galaxy S22 Ultra will get the chance it deserves – to claim the throne.