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Dynamic Island for the Android version has been spotted on Xiaomi smartphones.

Image : 9to5Mac

Following the launch of iPhone 14 Pro models which features a Dynamic Island to display information such as notifications, calls, music playing, accessory pairing and more, has received a major hype from Apple fans.  

In the past year, whenever Apple introduces a new innovative design or feature, it will likely be adopted by Android manufacturers. For this time, it seems likely that a Dynamic Island would be prime features to be copied. 

Based on a short clip tweeted by Vaibhav Jain, Mi Theme developer has showcased the imitation of Dynamic Island on a Xiaomi smartphone. It demonstrated how Dynamic Island-style notifications play music on Xiaomi’s MIUI software, which reportedly goes by the name Grumpy UI and is only available in standard Chinese. Also as displayed, when the island was expanded, the features were able to conceal the pinhole selfie camera in the upper left corner. 

Jain also stated that the Dynamic Island theme displayed by theme developers is still in development, and if Xiaomi approves the theme, it will be made available in the MIUI themes stores.

In a nutshell, it’s too early to claim that Xiaomi and other Android OEMs will likely adopt Dynamic Island on Android smartphone, because Android smartphone has actively moved forward to pin-hole selfie camera and has long ditched the notch in order to give more immersive and wider viewing experience, but after we have observed over the past few years, it would make sense for Android smartphone to include the imitation of Dynamic Island in the future, which only time will tell.