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Apple has released iOS 16 to the public and is available to download now.

Now you can have a customised lock screen in your iPhone as Apple finally released iOS 16 to the public, the latest operating system which is available to download for free in your iPhone today. Unfortunately, owners of iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, and the original iPhone SE will not receive iOS 16 updates, as the operating system is only compatible with iPhone 8 and later.

On top of that,  if your device is eligible for an update, you can get it by going to Settings > General > Software Update. It may take a few minutes to download completely, so make sure you have a strong internet connection. 

Apple brings enormous updates to your iPhone and the most notable one is the iPhone lock screen where Apple has revamped to allow more customisation of the phone’s appearance while it’s locked. Either display your photo in front of the time or choose a different font and type style. Furthermore, users can now add additional widgets to the lock screen, including upcoming event schedules, battery levels, activity ring progress, and more. Also, you can select which lock screens will appear when Focus modes are enabled.

Another notable change is in the iMessage app where you are able to edit, unsend messages and also mark your chat as unread. However it is allowed to be done within a limited time frame, such as the users can edit a message after its send within 15 minutes while undo send and delete the message is within 3 minutes time. Same goes with email, it allows users to schedule and unsend email, and also set reminders for easier ways to follow up later. 

Other noteworthy feature is Passkey, which provides a more secure browser in Safari. Passkey is designed to replace passwords which are more likely to be leaked and phished. Instead, users can now sign in to their accounts more quickly and easily by using Touch ID or Face ID for biometric authentication. Passkey can sync across all your Apple devices via iCloud Keychain with end-to-end encryption. 

For more iOS16 latest features are as follow : 

  • Door Detection helps blind users in navigating the final few steps to their destinations.
  • Live Text is able to recognize any text in video by quickly translating, converting currency, copy and paste and more. 
  • Live Captions will help deaf users to follow along with any audio content whether it’s FaceTime call, scrolling through social media apps, or having conversations with someone. 
  • Apple Pay Order Tracking gives users detailed receipt and order tracking information from Apple Pay purchases.  
  • Apple Maps has been improved for better driving and transit navigation and multi stop routing. 
  • Family Sharing allows easier accounts set up for parental control to restrict their child to view certain apps, movies, music and more which are appropriate for their age and control the children’s screen time.
  • Fitness app is available for all iPhone users even if you don’t have an Apple watch to view and track your fitness goals. 
  • Medications apps help you manage your medication and vitamin list by creating schedules and reminders. 
  • Personalised Spatial Audio gives users a more precise and immersive listening experience. 
  • Safety Check is a personal privacy tool where it can help users whose safety is at risk from domestic violence, by reset privacy permission and quickly sign out of iCloud across all their Apple devices, also limit messaging to just device in hand. 

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