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HONOR 200 Series: First Mid-range Phone with Flagship AI Features

Excitements are on the rise after HONOR announced that the new HONOR 200 Series will be coming to Malaysia! And of course, I am one of those excited people!

HONOR has not yet released the full features of the new HONOR 200 series but I do know that it will be equipped with HONOR flagship AI features!

Magic Portal

Magic Portal is among the AI features that will be included in the HONOR 200 series, which was in HONOR Magic series.

The Magic Portal offers relevant shortcuts, which will save time on searching for apps and services

Not only that, Magic Portal will suggest relevant apps and services in a side panel without needing to search for them. 

This is useful when I received an address in a text message, the Magic Portal would immediately suggest opening Google Maps for navigation. Convenient and save time! 

source: HONOR Malaysia. Depiction of Magic Portal usage. Click here for better understanding.

Blur Privacy Info

Another AI feature that will be in the HONOR 200 Series is the AI Blur Privacy Info.

Like its name suggests, this feature would cover or blur private information such as phone numbers, address, identification numbers and others from being captured on image. This will ensure that sensitive information will not leak out easily and preserve confidentiality.

To be honest, I think this is among the AI features from HONOR I like the most because it will save me the hassle of opening a picture editing app just to blur that sensitive information. With the AI Blur Privacy Info, when I screenshot an image that contains my personal information, it would automatically blur it and that will save me so much time!

source: HONOR Malaysia. Depiction of Blur Privacy Info usage. Click here for better understanding.

Smart Folder and Magic Capsule

Besides that, the HONOR 200 Series will also be featuring Smart Folder and Magic Capsule. Smart Folder will help users to organize apps on the home screen for easy access while Magic Capsule is perfect for multitasking.

The Smart Folder uses AI to automatically group related apps together into folders on the home screen, which makes it easier for users to find the apps they need. 

Meanwhile, Magic Capsule provides multimodal interaction through the touch screen. This feature would be extremely useful for me, being a multitasking user. For example, the Timer app will continue its countdown at the top of the screen as I continue using other apps on the phone.

source: HONOR Malaysia. Depiction of Magic Capsule usage. Click here for better understanding.

These AI features are just among the other amazing aspects that will be in the HONOR 200 Series! So, keep your eyes peel on HONOR Malaysia Facebook or HONOR official website for more update.