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ASUS and A BATHING APE Streetwear Brand Collaborate to Launch Exclusive Vivobook S 15 OLED BAPE Edition

ASUS and A BATHING APE0 (BAPE), a popular streetwear brand, made the Vivobook S 15 OLED BAPE® Edition. This limited edition laptop is for fashion and tech fans. It had an online launch event. It is the first laptop with a BAPE camo pattern on it and its accessories. The Vivobook S 15 OLED BAPE Edition looks unique with patterns from the BAPE camouflage design. The pattern is on the laptop, a figure, a mouse, a bag, and stickers. The laptop has two colors, green camo and blue camo. The bundle shows the BAPE style well.

The Vivobook S 15 OLED BAPE® Edition is also strong with an Intel EvoTM-certified processor, up to a 13th Gen Intel CoreTM i9-13900H. It is fast and efficient. The laptop has a beautiful 2.8K 120 Hz OLED screen and 16 GB of memory for a good visual experience. It has a long battery that lets users work anywhere with style.

ASUS and BAPE care about their communities and made the ASUS Vivobook together. This collaboration mixes fashion and technology well. The partnership between ASUS Vivobook and A BATHING APE, which has the spirit of streetwear and design innovation, is something we are happy to announce, said Lenny Lin, Business Development Manager for ASUS Malaysia.

“BAPE is happy to work with ASUS Vivobook to make a limited-edition collection that blends BAPE®’s colorful and unique style with ASUS Vivobook’s high-performance laptops,” the brand said. This collaboration shows BAPE’s commitment to making stylish and quality products. The BAPE x ASUS Vivobook S 15 OLED Edition bundle has two colors: a blue bundle with a Cool Silver laptop and a green bundle with a Midnight Black laptop. Both bundles have a metallic lid with a camo pattern that has a photo-light-etched effect.

The laptop has a reflective logo tag that adds luxury. The laptop has special BAPE design elements on the touchpad, the bottom, and the palm rest area, making it more special. These features make the laptop exclusive and special, showing the spirit of the ASUS Vivobook and BAPE partnership.

The Vivobook S 15 OLED BAPE Edition also has a special accessory package in blue camo or green camo, based on the laptop color. This camo pattern was made for this collaboration and has classic style and fun appeal. The main design element is the BAPE ABC camo pattern that is timeless and versatile.

BAPE also added the BABY MILO Friends characters to the design to make it playful and cute. The word ASUS Vivobook is also in the pattern, showing a smooth fusion of both brands’ personalities. There is also the BABY MILO holding a Vivobook, which matches the device.

This unique laptop bag, created by the ASUS Design Center and BAPE, protects the laptop and gives it a stylish look. It has a 180° opening and pockets for accessories like the mouse, power adapter, and more. The mouse has replaceable top covers; each bundle has a black cover and a blue or green cover. The black cover matches the laptop’s pattern, and the blue and green covers go with the carry bag’s colors. A strap makes them easy to carry.

The bundle also has a special BABY MILO figurine, which is the hidden feature. It shows BABY MILO with a Vivobook BAPE Edition laptop, and it is exclusive to this bundle. The Vivobook S 15 OLED BAPE Edition has exclusive accessories and design elements. ASUS Vivobook and BAPE make every aspect of the user experience unique and charming.

Vivobook S 15 OLED BAPE Edition is a powerful device for work, study, or gaming. It appeals to trendsetters and streetwear fans. The 2.8K 120 Hz OLED NanoEdge display shows amazing graphics with vivid colors, fine details, and smooth motion. The display is immersive and captivating for games, movies, or graphics projects.

The Vivobook S 15 OLED BAPE Edition has an eight-core Intel CoreTM i9-13900H processor, which is fast and responsive. It can handle video editing and heavy multitasking with clock speeds of up to 5.4 GHz. The processor is great for anyone who needs reliable performance.

The laptop’s 75 Wh battery enables productivity without frequent charging. Users can rely on the Vivobook S 15 OLED BAPE Edition for their tasks and entertainment needs. The laptop’s thin and light design makes it portable, and advanced connectivity options enable online collaboration, streaming, and gaming.

This year is the 30th anniversary of BAPE, which makes the collaboration between ASUS Vivobook and BAPE® special. The Vivobook S 15 OLED BAPE® Edition celebrates both companies by combining technology and design. ASUS Vivobook and BAPE® are ready to impress the world with their style and performance. The ASUS Vivobook S 15 OLED BAPE Edition is available for RM6,499 all across Malaysia.