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Xiaomi Pad 6 is coming to Malaysia really soon!

The all-new Xiaomi Pad 6 is landing in Malaysia soon!

Today Xiaomi Malaysia teased us with the upcoming all-new Xiaomi Pad 6. Powered by Snapdragon® 870 chipset, this new Pad 6 is equipped with stylus support that looks pretty much the same as the familiar pencil from other well known tablet. The 11” display is somehow superior though at WQHD+ resolution at a super-smooth 144Hz 7-level variable refresh rate with HDR10 and Dolby Vision support. This gives user not just an ultra-accurate colour display, but also a truly enjoyable gaming and movie sessions. It is clear Xiaomi built Pad 6 to cater all rounder segments; for professional in their creative works and also for leisure use.

So far Xiaomi Malaysia gives us no exact date when will it arrives in July, nor how much will it priced at. We’re just hoping it is as affordable and offers great value just like its predecessor.