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Acer Malaysia Introduces the Acerpure Water and Air Purifier

Acer Malaysia has expanded its Acerpure product line by introducing the Acerpure Aqua WP1 water purifier and the Acerpure Pro P2 Classic air purifier. The Acerpure Aqua WP1 features a compact countertop design, eliminating the need for piping installations and providing easy access to clean water throughout the house or office. It also offers the option of hydrogen water, promoting better health and nutrient absorption. The device allows users to adjust water volume and temperature with an intuitive control panel, and its 3-step RO filtration system ensures the removal of unwanted substances. The Acerpure Aqua WP1 is priced at RM3,599 and comes with a 2-year local warranty.

On the other hand, the Acerpure Pro P2 Classic air purifier boasts a powerful 3-in-1+ HEPA filter that effectively eliminates formaldehyde and PM2.5 particles for a cleaner indoor environment. Equipped with an enhanced touch panel, users can monitor real-time air quality, control purifier speed, and activate smart modes. The Acerpure Pro P2 Classic is available for RM899.

To celebrate the launch of these new Acerpure products, customers who purchase the Acerpure Aqua WP1 before August 14, 2023, will receive a 5-year extended warranty, an Acerpure Cool C1 air purifier valued at RM1,299, and an Acerpure premium. Additionally, customers can purchase the Acerpure Pro P2 Classic at a special price of RM599, including a filter worth RM149 and Acerpure premium, if purchased before June 21, 2023. Interest-free installment options for select Acerpure devices are also available with certain terms and conditions. The products can be purchased through the Acer eStore, Acerpure official store and Acer Flagship store on Shopee.