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The user’s old images in Google Photos was reported found to be corrupted.

Image : Google

Google Photos were one of the best options for photo and video cloud storage, and recently, many users have raised a complaint where they have found several years of pictures in the library that have been “corrupted.” 

Many users noticed that their older photos, which were taken more than five years ago, appeared to have lines and deep cracks running through them, as well as other blurry or distorted areas, after scrolling through their photo library. White dots are also frequently seen. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to what is impacted or the severity, with some images being more damaged than others.

Furthermore, the images may become corrupted during download, as reported by some users. This seems to be the case with both manual downloads and Google Takeout. It appears that original copies of photos are unaffected, but the edited versions are what show up in the Google Photos apps as corrupted. Google Photos on Android, iOS and the web have all received reports of an issue that is slightly reminiscent of physical water damage.

There are a number of reports that showcase issues that are nearly identical to this problem. Although it appears that the issue has been resolved for some people in the past day, others are still being affected by it. As a result of this, it is pretty likely that Google has a solution to this problem somewhere in their system. 

Although it does not seem like every user has this issue, a sizable number does appear to be affected. This issue should be addressed by Google, and in the meantime, we will have to wait for an official response from the company in order to obtain additional information regarding the specific cause of these corrupted images. It is possible that this was caused by a bug in their system. However, in order to be certain of this, we will have to wait for further explanation from Google.

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