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YouTube Shorts will soon offer more monetization option for content creators.

YouTube is recognized as the oldest social media platform that has been concentrating on video content. It was recently reported in the news that YouTube is going to offer a few monetization options for Short, which will make it possible for millions of content creators to earn money from it.

Beginning in 2023, Shorts will begin a partnership with YouTube and will start running advertisements to help content creators monetize their work. Otherwise, creators can earn money through tips, subscriptions, and merchandise sales. In other words, Shorts provided few ways for creators to monetize their work.

Briefly, YouTube has introduced Shorts 18 months ago, however YouTube has planned for a long term monetization project only about a year ago. In addition to this, Shorts has also expanded rapidly where it provides 30 billions views a day and 1.5 billions people watch Shorts monthly. Some may argue that Shorts has copied the concept of TikTok, but there is a slight distinction between the two platforms. TikTok is a cultural driver, while YouTube is a revenue driver.

Previously,  creators had limited options for monetizing their Shorts content, including through a creators fund, shopping, and tips, all of which are also available on TikTok and Instagram. Nonetheless, YouTube has a massive user base and extensive background in monetizing videos through ads. In most cases, YouTube keeps 45% and pays creators 55% of the money made from their videos.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly that YouTube is the perfect platform for creators to monetize their content. YouTube will keep 55% of the money made from Shorts and give the creators only 45%. A portion of the revenue will go to the music authors, according to the social media platform. As a result, creators can use their tracks without worrying about legal repercussions.

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