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Some iPhone 14 models may no longer have a SIM card slot.

Image : Tom's Guide

Despite numerous rumors claiming various upgrades for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, the most recent leak of Apple’s plan to remove the SIM card slot in selected iPhone models by next year may have a much greater impact on users than a new camera or a better display.

Mark Gurman in Bloomberg said in his most recent Power On newsletter that the SIM card slot could be removed on some iPhone 14 models. However, Gurman said that there is a possibility that the change will not occur until the iPhone 15 next year as the move would be a part of Apple’s push toward eSIMs, and the removal of the SIM card slot has been the subject of a number of rumors in the past, and it seems likely that this will happen.

“Apple will give eSIM a greater push this time around,” Gurman wrote in his newsletter. “Carriers are ready to move users toward digital, integrated SIM cards rather than physical ones.” Apple has considered eliminating the physical SIM card slot from some models beginning this year or the following.

The eSIM is a digital SIM that enables customers to activate a cellular plan without a nano-SIM card. Despite the fact that eSIM availability is spreading rapidly, the technology is not yet accessible in all countries, therefore iPhone models with a SIM card slot may continue to be available for at least several years during the transition. By eliminating the SIM card port, Apple may be able to make the iPhone even more water-resistant and free up a little bit of internal space. 

Max Weinbach, a leaker, alleged that Apple warned carriers that it will prioritize shipping the iPhone 14 with eSIMs, however Weinbach stated that this was likely limited to the United States.

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