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WhatsApp brings Community features to Malaysian users.

Earlier this year in April, WhatsApp revealed their brand-new “Communities” feature, which would let users gather various chat groups under a single roof community and enable administrators to exchange updates more efficiently. Now that this feature has begun to roll out to users and Malaysia is one of the first nations to have it available. 

To conclude in other words, WhatsApp Communities perform comparable tasks as WhatsApp Groups, but they are more structured and enable members to share information. Additionally, administrators now have new capabilities that provide them control over which Groups can be a part of Communities and the ability to form more intimate discussion Groups about particular subjects.

In particular, the administrators of the community group have the ability to add members or invite them via a link, as well as, of course, remove members. Announcements can also be sent to all members via an announcement Group. The WhatsApp team further guaranteed that both Groups and Communities are secured by end-to-end encryption.

According to Meta, not all Malaysian users have access to the feature yet because it is still being rolled out in the nation. Communities will be made available in the following weeks as part of the gradual rollout.

WhatsApp Communities can be utilized by schools, organizations, neighborhoods, SMEs, and many other settings.. Overall, It’s intended to make WhatsApp Group discussions less cluttered and confusing, and to help everyone keep informed.

Over the past few months, WhatsApp has added a ton of new features. This includes improved privacy features, and other new features such as emoji reactions to messages, the option for admins to delete group members’ messages, the sharing of files up to 2GB in size, and more substantial phone calls with up to 32 participants are also included. 

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