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Galaxy S23 Ultra : Samsung confirmed of the intentions to sports a 200MP camera

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Now that Samsung’s 2022 flagship launches are over, the rumor is concentrating on the 2023 lineup. The first flagship of the new year will be the Galaxy S23 series. It’s not surprising that the Galaxy S23 speculations have started to surface given that 2023 is less than four months away.

Last week, Motorola was recognized as the “first OEM to introduce a smartphone with a 200MP camera” and Samsung can no longer claim this record, despite the fact that the Motorola X30 Pro’s 200MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor was manufactured by Samsung. Nevertheless, the Korean tech giant won’t stop competing whereby it presumably will increase the resolution of its mobile cameras beginning with the Galaxy S23 Ultra next year.

Another credible source claims that the next Galaxy S23 Ultra would feature a 200MP camera, as was previously reported. Samsung’s Mobile Experience division has verified these plans with its main camera partners ahead of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s launch next year, as reported by ETNews

Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP sensor camera is unknown

While rumours indicate that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be the first Samsung device to feature a 200MP camera, some believe that it won’t be the same ISOCELL HP1 seen on the Motorola X30 Pro. And it will not be the ISOCELL HP3. It is unclear how the unknown ISOCELL HP2 sensor differs from Samsung’s existing 200MP sensors if it is utilized in Samsung’s forthcoming flagship. 

In any case, the competition for higher megapixels has reignited, as other OEMs, such as Xiaomi, are also progressing towards sensors with a higher resolution. Alternatively, rumors suggest Apple has shifted its focus to periscope camera designs and may include this form of magnification capability in its iPhone 15 series in 2023.

Additionally, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s size is just slightly different from its predecessor, at a difference of 0.1–0.2mm, according to Twitter leaker @UniverseIce. Given that the Galaxy S22 Ultra introduced the major design modification for the Ultra model, it shouldn’t be surprising. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the Galaxy Note’s rebirth because it has an inbuilt S Pen slot and the lineup’s distinctive boxy shape. Samsung has previously affirmed that this DNA will now be present in all Galaxy S Ultra versions. 

On top of that, the device is reported to sport the same 6.8-inch, 3088 x 1440-pixel display and 5,000mAh battery while measuring 8.9mm in thickness. The gadget is anticipated to come equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU with One UI 5.1. According to several industry sources, Samsung’s forthcoming flagship device may also feature a fingerprint sensor embedded within the display for improved accuracy. Samsung may introduce the Galaxy S23 Ultra in January or February of 2023. 

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