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Native Whatsapp Desktop app has been released.

Millions of people use WhatsApp as their major way of communication. Since its inception in November 2009, WhatsApp has developed exponentially through frequent updates and the addition of new features such as disappearing messages, phone calls, and video calls. Users of WhatsApp could access the application on a desktop or laptop computer using a web browser. Recently, Meta Platforms, has released a brand-new WhatsApp’s native desktop app.

Previously, people who wished to use WhatsApp on their computers were required to download the web-based version of the application via WhatsApp Web. This native WhatsApp application allows users to download it without having to use a web browser.

Furthermore, the native WhatsApp app has some advantages whereby users are able to send and receive messages even while their phone is turned off. Additionally, the interface has been overhauled to appear cleaner and more uniform with the Windows interface.

The application is available for users with Windows 8 or later and Mac OS 10.9 or later. Since it is a native software, users will receive native desktop notifications, flexible keyboard shortcuts, and numerous other enhancements. The desktop application will enable smooth communication with your friends and coworkers, just like the mobile application does. 

Learn three simple steps to download the WhatsApp desktop app.

Step 1:

Visit to download the app from your desktop browser.

Step 2:

Then, use the WhatsApp app on your mobile device and scan the QR code.

Step 3:

To scan the QR code, open the Settings menu in the WhatsApp app and click on WhatsApp Web.

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