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The Apple Watch’s ECG may be effective for spotting heart attack signs.

Texas Heart Institute Journal released an article proposing that the Apple Watch might be used as an early detection system for a heart attack, allowing individuals to get to the hospital sooner. MyHealthyApple initially identified this study by outlining their investigation into employing an Apple Watch electrocardiogram as an early detection mechanism.

According to researchers, a myocardial infarction happens when the blood supply to the heart is blocked and some of the heart muscle does not get adequate oxygen. The electrocardiogram (ECG) functionality on Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, and 7 models has been studied by researchers at the Texas Heart Institute to help diagnose myocardial infarction symptoms. These models can record several ECG leads on various body parts.

The outcome of a heart attack is determined by how long it takes for treatment to begin. More than half of those who have a myocardial infarction die in the emergency room or before reaching a hospital within an hour of experiencing symptoms. According to the study, the Apple Watch might provide a reliable analysis of heart attack risk when symptoms appear, provide a clear alert to the user to seek urgent medical assistance, and minimize the time it takes to acquire treatment.

The Apple Watch uses a positive electrode on the back of the device and a negative electrode on the Digital Crown to record a single-lead electrocardiogram. Traditionally, myocardial infarction is diagnosed using a 12-lead electrocardiogram, which requires specialized equipment and professional training. As such, the Apple Watch cannot replace hospital-grade medical equipment, but it can serve as a new screening tool in other settings.

As numerous studies have demonstrated, the Apple Watch can record multiple-lead ECG readings that precisely detect the ST change during a heart attack, the researchers assert that the device has promise for diagnosing myocardial infarction. Although further clinical evidence is needed, the continuing study offers a sneak peek at one of the innovative health-monitoring features that may eventually be an official Apple Watch feature.

Unquestionably, more effort should be spent in the future on making the Apple Watch ECG technique less complicated. Because of this, utilizing the Apple Watch as an early detection system will require substantial user awareness. Without user awareness, the function will be unable to identify an imminent heart attack. Despite the fact that finding an effective strategy to educate a large population on how to use these smart gadgets and the necessity of utilizing them daily is difficult, there is a need to educate a wide population on how to use these devices.