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What we can expect with the upcoming Samsung Android 13-based One UI 5.0?

Image : GSMArena

This week, Google has released the final beta version of Android 13. It means that the stable version of Android 13 is just around the corner. While Android 13 beta is mostly intended for Pixel devices and for selected Google partners such as Asus, Lenovo, OnePlus, Oppo, realme, Vivo and Xiaomi, Samsung users are yet able to taste Android 13 beta on their Samsung devices. 

But worry not, the first public beta version of the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 is expected to be launched to the Galaxy S22 series in the third week of July and Samsung may deliver the final version of One UI 5.0 to its high-end devices after four or five beta releases.

Android 13 includes additional privacy features such as notification permission and a redesigned photo picker, themed app icons, per-app language support, HDR video, Bluetooth LE Audio with LC3 codec, and MIDI 2.0 via USB support. Improved app UI design and layout for big-screen devices like foldable phones and tablets are also featured in Android 12 and 12L, along with system interface optimizations, improved multitasking via the new taskbar and multi-window mode, updated compatibility modes, and more.

On top of all of these functionalities, Samsung has made some further enhancements. A UI 5.0 design was recently leaked. It includes redesigned alerts with larger icons, better animations and transitions, a revised permissions pop-up dialog, a UWB (Ultra-Wideband) toggle, OCR support in Gallery and Samsung Keyboard, multitasking gestures, and the collaboration function for Samsung Notes.

Improvements to One UI 5.0 features, layouts and animations

The Samsung notifications center has undergone minor adjustments. Notifications now have larger app icons and a different backdrop opacity. More changes might be made in the open beta of the new software since this is only the unfinished and unreleased version of One UI 5.0 Beta.

The pop-up menu for app permissions has also been modified by the company. It now occupies the screen’s center and has the same look as vanilla Android 13. The two buttons are readily visible in the new design, which rapidly draws the user’s attention. A UWB (Ultra-Wideband) toggle has also been introduced to the Settings app’s Connections section.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) has also been incorporated by Samsung throughout the UI. Now that text from photographs can be detected by the built-in Gallery app, you can effortlessly copy and share it. Samsung Keyboard now incorporates the OCR feature, making it simple to copy text from the camera feed or a picture and add it to emails or messages.

The Security and Privacy Hub now has a better design thanks to the South Korean company. The majority of security and privacy-related features, including as lock screen choices, user accounts, Find My Mobile, app security, Google Play system updates, and privacy features, are now provided on this page. An image of the phone is now displayed in the About Phone section.

In the Labs area, Samsung has also added two new gestures: swipe for split-screen multitasking and swipe for pop-up view. In the fast settings area, One UI 5.0 also displays the presently active apps. It also allows for integration with Samsung Notes. According to the leaked screenshot, you may share your notes with up to 100 other users, and they can all instantaneously see live updates.

The company has also increased the speed and smoothness of animations and transitions with One UI 5.0. The video embedded in the tweet below shows new and improved animations. According to rumors, Samsung did not add many features to One UI 5.0 and would provide more design changes and features in One UI 5.1 early next year.